New Patient Info

Your Visit: What to Expect

Have you completed a sleep study yet and/or been diagnosed with OSA? If yes, we welcome you to contact our office to schedule an appointment to learn about some alternatives to traditional CPAP therapy.

Dr. Cannon will talk with you about your your hopes and expectations throughout the treatment process, as well as explain each of your options. Our team will then walk you through fees & insurance coverage and begin the process by taking a scan of your mouth.

As soon as your oral appliance arrives at our office, we’ll call you back in to show you how to use and maintain it.

New Patient Forms

At Sleep Better Sarasota, we hope to make your experiences with our team as comfortable and convenient as possible. That’s why we’ve put up all the forms you’ll need to fill out before your first visit. Instead of spending lots of tedious time in our waiting room, patients can write down all of their information in the comfort of their own homes. Then, simply give it to our front desk team when you arrive.